Atlassian Products

51,000 companies, from new, incubator businesses to Fortune 500 businesses, utilize one or more of the Atlassian suite of software products to collaborate, plan, track, code, integrate and ship their company's products. Read on to learn more about the Atlassian team tools.

Jira Software - a project management software that can be tailored to your company or your project. This can be set up a number of different ways to best meet your needs.

Jira Service Desk - gives your team a private chat and instant messaging solution which allows for file sharing and integration into the rest of the Atlassian suite of products.

Confluence - a great addition to Jira which allows you to create documents, journals, messages, and so on. It's wiki-like framework allows teams to share documentation regarding their projects, implementations, work flows, etc. This is also a great tool for creating documentation to train your employees on how to utilize Atlasssian toolsets.

Bamboo - provides continuous integration of builds, tests, and releases in single tool, regardless of which programming language your team utilizes.

Bitbucket - a distributed version control system providing a scalable, collaborative Git solution.

FishEye - view differential code or revision changes and create reports on those differences.

Our Atlassian Experience

Since 2007, we've installed, integrated, customized, administered, and explored the extensive capabilities of all of the Atlassian products.

We've installed and configured Atlassian products for several Fortune 100 companies, such as Walgreens, and numerous other high-profile companies such as Tory Burch, Kronos, Uber, and Motorola trust us to architect and manage their Atlassian installations.

We'd love to talk to you about your company's Atlassian requirements and tell you a bit more about ourselves. Please feel free to call us at 774.206.1302, email us or use the form on our Contact Us page.

Full Service Support

A dedicated team working on your Atlassian configuration, including installing JIRA/Confluence/Bamboo, creating/configuring JIRA workflows, installing and configuring plugins, troubleshooting, regular maintenance, and training on Atlassian products.

Per Incident Service Support

Atlassian support when you need it without being in a contract. Can include any one aspect from the Full Service Support. This support plan is ideal for companies currently using Atlassian products.

Monthly Administrative Support

Ideal for smaller projects this gives you a dedicated team to install JIRA/Confluence/Bamboo, configure or create a JIRA workflow, install and configure plugins, troubleshoot, and implement regular backups. Everything you need to get started or to integrate Atlassian products into your company.

Web Development

We provide content / editorial updates, design, development, and project management assistance for your existing website. We are also skilled in upgrading existing websites to become mobile-friendly and responsive. Please visit our web section to learn more about our services.

Atlassian Products

We provide administrator and developer integration, maintenance, and enhancement services on an as needed basis for your company's Atlassian installations. Please read more about our JIRA, Confluence, JIRA Service Desk, Bamboo, and BitBucket support services.

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